I grew up like most kids, only able to eat a specific list of food that included Mac ‘n Cheese and PB&Js and scoffed at the likes of anything out of the ordinary (most namely Brussels sprouts, and I still feel the same way).

But one thing that I absolutely despised was pasties. Yes, I hated a bunch of meat, potatoes and vegetables wrapped up and thrown into a delicious crust. A pot pie… yet so much more.

Twice a year my family would drive through the Upper Peninsula en route to Wisconsin — where my parents were from and where their parents still lived.

It was a tradition to stop at the same pasty shop right after the Mackinac Bridge. A place we liked to call Zodiac’s (because that was the name of the general store right next door), but was really named ‘Taste of the Upper Peninsula.’

It was The Pasty Dad’s choice of course, as he was the driver. Not to mention he had lived in the U.P. a few years while going to school in Houghton. He must’ve known what he was talking about with pasties.

My earliest memories are of me throwing tantrums about the “disgusting” pasties and refusing to eat them because I hated them.

At times I was spoiled and we’d get something else or The Pasty Mom would make sandwiches. Most times, I was forced into eating pasties or nothing at all.

Yes, it sounds like torture.

But soon enough, pasties eventually became my favorite food. I don’t know when, it kind of happened overnight when my taste buds matured and I suddenly liked every food ever.

With that, brought the exact opposite situation. I would start requesting that we stop for pasties or I would throw a tantrum. Well, maybe not a tantrum since I was in high school at that point, but I was pissed. I needed PASTIES!

Luckily, that didn’t happen often and we almost always hit up Zodiac’s. One time our schedule was a little different and we were forced to eat lunch after the bridge. That lead to my introduction to Dobber’s.

I didn’t even know more pasty places existed through my childhood as I slept most of the car ride through the U.P. But now, there was a place that was better than Zodiac’s. All of the kids (me, The Pasty Bro and The Pasty Sis) assumed Zodiac’s was the best place because we always went there and figured The Pasty Dad knew best. However, we couldn’t have been further from the truth.

It’s not that Dobber’s was amazing, it was that it was something else. And instead of having to cake ketchup onto the extremely dry pasties from Zodiac’s, these ones had some moistness to them. Maybe my original feelings about Zodiac’s were right all along (although The Pasty Dad’s excuse is that Zodiac’s changed owners multiple times throughout the years). 

And with my introduction to Dobber’s came my curiosity for other pasty shops. Unfortunately, driving through the U.P. once or twice a year doesn’t allow for many opportunities. But with time, I slowly added to my list of pasty experiences.

And so… The Pasty Guy was created.

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  1. Wonder if you had heard of The Pasty Shop on Main St in De Pere, WI? IMHO THE best in Wisconsin

  2. While in DePere head over to Madison. Right off the Square (Capital) on State street is a place called TeddyWedgers Another place to check out.
    You may also want to head west toward Mineral Point and Prarie Du Chien. Large Cornish mining populations in the past. so there should be good Pasty Hunting there.

  3. Try The Pasty Corner in Iron River.
    Concerning ketchup and pasties..The pasty is mainly made to be eaten by hand, so taste should be based on that. That being said, I use ketchup when eating from a plate..I think this comes from being a picky kid who used ketchup on everything (beef bourguignon)
    great reviews keep up the good work for the cause

    1. Thanks Bob, the Pasty Corner is on my list of places to check out! For my reviews, I eat all pasties by hand unless not possible, without ketchup or gravy. Gotta give them all a fair shot.

  4. May I recommend that you try the pasties from ‘The Cookie Jar’? It’s a small greek bakery located in Marquette. Very much a hole-in-the wall shop tucked out of sight, but it has some of the best pasties I’ve ever tasted. I never hear anyone talking about them which, in my opinion, is a shame. The shop closes at 5PM and the pasties are only made on Thursdays, but I assure you that it is well worth it. The crust is exquisite in looks, texture, and taste.

    By the way, your reviews are wonderfully entertaining and I had a blast reading them. Hope you’re having a nice day!

    1. Thanks for checking out the site Frankie! I will definitely add The Cookie Jar to my list and make sure to visit next time I’m in the area.

  5. TPG, awesome website! My wife brought Nylund’s pasty’s home from the store and I wanted to learn about them. One thing led to another, and viola! there I was on this site. I spent the last over an hour going through reviews. Not done yet!

    Unbelievable content! Outstanding writing, with the upper midwest point of view very obvious and appreciated. Clear pictures of the facilities and products. Wow, well done sir! It makes me want to drive North!

    Thanks for all your hard work. I appreciate it.

    1. Thanks for reading Randy! Always good to hear. If you have any favorites in Wisconsin, let me know. I’m making a trip to the south side soon.

  6. Krupp’s pasties from Krupp’s Mini-mart (on Route 26 in Twin Lakes, on the way to Houghton) are excellent.

  7. I just found your site after being somewhat disappointed in a pasty I purchased from the only place around me (Lansing) that I knew that has them – I bought them frozen at Horrock’s, who gets their deliveries from Uncle Peter’s. The last pasty I had came from Muldoons, and this Uncle Peter’s just doesn’t cut it when that’s what I had a hankering for!

    I thoroughly appreciate the effort and thoroughness of your reviews… of this whole site, really. Even a list of who ships! That’s a godsend for this Mid-Michigander!

    Thank you, and keep up the good work!

  8. A new shop has opened in Vestaburg, Mi called Legacy Hearth Artisan Market. Wonderful pasties with excellent service. Hope you will visit.

  9. Have you tried Col K’s Pasty Shop 1229 10th St, Menominee, MI? I am driving up that way this fall and I am looking for a good pasty shop in Menominee or Escanaba.

  10. Thoroughly enjoy your pastie rating TPG! Discovered your site after my last trip to Copper with my grandson this past September. However, on desperate advice from my brother we stopped in Calumet at Pat’s Foods and thoroughly enjoyed their pastie that the sell out of their fresh baked department deep in the back of the store. I thought they needed a rating from you one day. It’s possible that this food chain sells them at various other outlets. Anyway, keep up the great work and posting! Blessings!

    1. Thanks for reading, Eldon. If you say they are fresh baked out of the bakery, I believe you. I’ll have to look into this. I wonder if it’s only for that store or the rest of them and they have a certain recipe.

  11. Do you know who makes pasties with cubed steak rather than ground beef? I was told long ago that original pasties did not have ground meat. Any truth to that? Thanks.

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