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Suzy’s Pasties in St. Ignace, Michigan closed before the summer of 2023.

Suzy’s Pasties is another place only minutes from the Mackinac Bridge that gets a lot of attention (and love) and quality doesn’t seem to matter. With pasties in the business name, a lot of people will stop because of that reason alone. But… The Pasty Guy exists for a reason.

Even while traveling to the Upper Peninsula frequently, Suzy’s was never high on my list, partly because the shop is closed in the winter. Unfortunately for Suzy’s, I finally stopped and now I need answers to their pasty.

A few minutes west of downtown St. Ignace along US-2, the shop has various pasty paraphernalia to buy, as well as other Up North goods. According to a sign outside, Suzy’s also has Smoked Fish, which was “Voted Michigan’s Best” by someone. It remains unclear as to why Suzy doesn’t change the name to Suzy’s Smoked Fish if that’s the case.

pasty, pasty review, pasties, pasty guy, suzy's pasties, st ignaceU.P. pasties are usually known for consistency and close to no letdowns, but Suzy’s crust may be the worst one north of the Bridge. It’s a wonder how the recipe hasn’t been updated with zero flake and a slight cardboard-ish feel to it. At the least, it was salted enough to hold some flavor despite the feel.

If not for the crust, the pasty would’ve been good, but not great. Still, there was a potato-heavy ratio that took over my taste buds along with the salt.pasty, pasty review, pasties, pasty guy, suzy's pasties, st ignace

At a minimum, Suzy’s pasties still taste like actual pasties. The quality may be on the low end due to a subpar crust, but Suzy’s gets attention because the pasties taste like pasties. That’s fine and all, but until the crust recipe changes, The Pasty Guy probably won’t make another stop with better US-2 options available.

Taste: 3.5 (out of 5)
Crust: 2.5 (out of 5)
Pasty Presentation: 3.5 (out of 5)
The Shop: 3 (out of 3)
Would I come back for Pasties?: 0 (out of 2)

Total Pasty Rating: 12.5 (of 20 points)

(Reviewed Summer 2017)

7 thoughts on “Suzy’s Pasties

  1. I’ve had a lot of different pasties. I like Suzy’s Pasties because of the crust! To me it’s not as greasy and I like the flavor. I had my daughter and friends all try it and they all liked it and they don’t even like pasties. It’s a matter of taste.

  2. Like MARI above stated! This Yooper prefers Suzy’s Pasties because of the crust! Not greasy, and softer than the hard crust at other establishments. Unfortunately, it sounds as if the owners are retiring and closing shop.

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