Who Ships Pasties?

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in the same town as a pasty shop, especially one that is still open. That’s why I decided to do some digging and put together some places that offer pasty shipping in the states. There are plenty of pasty shops who are open and shipping locally, but the ones included ship a variety of places.

Similar to the rest of the site, this is focused around Michigan pasties, but there are other options throughout the country. I’ll try and keep this updated with any new places I see offering pasties for shipping. Of note, most shipping costs no matter your location are at least $30 because they have special packaging to keep the pasties frozen.

I know of pasty places in California, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, Virginia and Washington but from what I see, none of them ship much further than a specified radius around their shops (via DoorDash or GrubHub). As always, let me know if I missed something.

Michigan’s Lower Peninsula

Cousin Jenny’sReview

These have to be ordered in increments of 12, which means you have to order at least 12. They can ship nationwide and are sent out on Tuesday and Wednesdays.pasty, pasty review, pasties, pasty guy, cousin jenny's cornish pasties, traverse city

Pasty HausReview

Pasty Haus ship almost everywhere and they only ship out Tuesdays and Wednesdays (as long as you order by 6pm ET Saturday).

Uncle Peter’sReview

Uncle Peter’s is known for its vast array of options and can also deliver anywhere in the country.

Upper Peninsula


Dobber’s has a couple places in the U.P. and is usually one of the bigger pasty shippers even when there isn’t a pandemic. 


If you have enough room in your freezer, I’d definitely go with the 24 pack.pasty, pasty review, pasties, pasty guy, pasty trail, ishpeming, lawry's pasty shop


Lehto’s opened a second location in downtown St. Ignace for increased traffic, but they don’t usually ship during the summer. However, when it’s not summer, they can ship day of order if you get it in early.

Pasty OvenReview

Pasty shipments go out every Tuesday from Pasty Oven, assuming there isn’t a snowstorm. As of 2020, Meijer and other grocery stores sell Pasty Oven pasties. Review coming soon.

Pasty Central

Pasty Central is one of the go-to spots for pasty shipments in Keweenaw Peninsula. Make sure to check the website for availability.


Cornish Pasty Co. Review

I’m not sure how far they actually ship, but they have locations all over Arizona and also one in Las Vegas, and I believe they are all open. Shipping is only done on Mondays and Tuesdays.


4 & 20 Pasty Company Review

Located in Sarasota, they’ll ship everywhere as long as they can get to you in 48 hours. Their shipping days are usually early in the week.


Pasties Plus

They apparently ship via Priority Mail or UPS, according to the Facebook page. These come from northern Minnesota, a place I have not been.

New York

Parker’s British Institution

Found in Buffalo, they will ship everywhere. Plus, if you spend more than $100, shipping is free.

11 thoughts on “Who Ships Pasties?

  1. Have you been to My Dad Nick’s Copper Country Pasty Factory at 7 mile and Merriman in Livonia? They don’t ship yet but they are the best I’ve EVER had. No joke!

    1. Hello, Kim. I assume you have an affiliation to them? Either way, it’s on my list. I will try and make it there soon. Definitely before the end of the year.

    1. I believe that site is for the location in Rhinelander, WI which I’ve been to. Digging into the Butte location, it appears they had to close last month after 74 years open. Bummer.

      1. We had some from Joe’s Pasty shop last summer. They were divine and very authentic. They had been looking for a buyer but couldn’t find anyone to take it on. 🙁

  2. Hi You sure missed one of the best pasty’s I ever had with good meat to crust ratio…and potatoes rutabaga carrots. while they are made in an oblong form without the handle they are the best I have had and the owner is simply wonderful as are the statt. Check out Pasty’s plus in Grand Rapids, MN…my grandfather was a copper miner in the UP and my grandma with 12 kids made them with the handle in cast iron skillets with lard and they were so awesome. I never put ketchup on those. Not ever. But I do once in a while but not on Pasty’s plus nor on Pasty Ovens( btw they do not use lard anymore)
    Check out Pasty’s plus grand rapids MN a tiny little place with great pasty’s.

  3. BTW also Joes Pasty shop is now in Three Lakes, WI but they are not nice and very rude . They refused to ship because they cannot make enough to make each day, now how is that for an excuse? OMG if your making pasty’s daily just add your shipped items and ship out. I live in the same state but because the owner was so very rude I would never buy from them not ever.

    1. I believe Joe’s is in Rhinelander and not Three Lakes, I’ve been to that one. Their original place burned down so they’re a bit restrictive on how many they make.

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